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• For Indesign simply use the artwork layer for your design, once finished switch off or delete our guide layer.
• Our PDF can be placed into which ever software you may be using and again switched off or removed once you've finished.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact Bobbie on 020 8373 5000 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. she's more than happy to help.


Template Flat size .PDF .IDML
A3 Portrait 297x420mm PDF Indesign
A3 Landscape 420x297mm PDF Indesign
A4 Portrait 210x297mm PDF Indesign
A4 Landscape 297x210mm PDF Indesign
A4 4pp (A3 Folded) 420x297mm PDF Indesign
A5 4pp (A4 Folded) 297x210mm PDF Indesign
Business Card 85x55mm PDF Indesign
DL 6pp Roll Fold 297x210mm PDF Indesign
Folder* 430x305mm PDF Indesign
Folder* (5mm Capacity) 435x305mm PDF Indesign
Folder Pocket** 226x115mm PDF Indesign
Folder Pocket**(5mm Capacity) 231x120mm PDF Indesign
C5 Diamond Flap Envelope 230x162mm PDF Indesign
Binder Tabs - Set of 5 (Square Corners) 224x297mm  PDF  Indesign 
Binder Tabs - Set of 5 (Round Corners)  224x297mm  PDF  Indesign 

*Please note that for HP Indigo digital printed folders, the pocket is printed seperately and glued into place. You will also need to download a template for the pocket.

**Pocket guides have business card slits, these can be used or removed as per your specification.





Our guidlines provide easy to follow steps and tips for setting up your own print ready files. 

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London printing templates